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My Bio

I woke up one morning in january 2003 w/ SHL ( no hearing in my right ear at all w/ LOUD T and its reactive T ) and all I can say is its like a roller coaster Up and Down, I learned that staying busy and not giving into this will only benefit you, If you sit there and dwell over it, it will only make matters way worse & your T way worse hence being anxious!!....So Enjoy the days when its Lower and Deal w/ the times its worse, Its all we really can D!!!, Thats what I do now...since there are no treatments or cures for my Type of T causes from SHL!!!

My Occupation

Full Time PRINCESS!!!!! LOL image

My Hobbies

I Love riding my dirtbike been riding since I was 10 w/ my daddy and brother, I Love Quading, snow skiing, water skiing.....Really I Love anything to do w/ the outdoors! Love fishing, Love camping, volleyball, Love the Ocean....its so beautiful!! I also have a passion for cooking, Love to cook...=)